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The theme "by invitation only" for November :


Without any  hesitation it's 
 Karin , my blog'sfriend of La Pouyette ,
who is guest on my blog.

Once upon a time.....

About 16 years ago I found in an Antique shop in Bordeaux
a beautiful piece of furniture, a Comptoir with its original paint work.
The shop was not only filled with antique furniture and decorative objects,
there were also the most wonderful collections of antique textiles.
But my eyes were on the Comptoir which I bought "tout-de-suite".

Last year - 15 years later - Marie Claude discovered my blog
and then I saw her one.
 "Comment by comment" and mail by mail
 we found out that we're living not all that far from each other,
I'm in the Périgord and Marie Claude in the nearby Limousin.

We also discovered over the months that we both have a lot in common.
Not only the passion for linen, textiles and antiques,
also the love for the nature, gardening,
cooking with local grown and produced products...and...and...
We had to meet!

At her first visit to La Pouyette, after talking and talking....
I realized that it was Marie Claude's shop
where I've found that wonderful Comptoir ages ago!
Now, it was up to me to visit her.

 Marie Claude lives nearby the lovely town Saint Yireix, not far from Limoges.


In the extreme south of the Haute-Vienne department,
Saint-Yrieix is situated in the triangle formed by Limoges, Brive and Perigueux.
It marks the border of the Natural Regional park of Périgord-Limousin.

Arédius founded the town and established a cloistered community in the 6th century.
Thus, the religious origins of the town provide a specific and beautiful patrimony
such as the Collegial of Moustier (11th to 14th century)
or the Bible of Saint-Yrieix, handwritten and illuminated, which dates of the 12th century.

Limoges Porcelain - history and background.

"In 1765, a chemists wife discovered a white substance, in St. Yrieix  near the town of Limoges, which she hoped could be used as soap. On analysis the white substance was identified as  the purest Kaolin, the essential ingredient of porcelain. This discovery has led to Limoges' prominence in the production of porcelain. The first porcelain factory in Limoges was established 6 years later in 1771. Within a few years, the Limoges porcelain became a branch of the royal manufacture at Sevres, producing porcelain blanks for final decoration at Sevres.


Limoges was well situated for expansion of its porcelain industry. Firstly, it had the kaolin deposits at St. Yrieix. The forests of the Limousin supplied the massive quantities of wood needed to fire the kilns. The Vienne River floated the logs to Limoges and supplied the power to pulverize and work the clay. Abundant workers were willing to leave the infertile surrounding land and work in the factories.

Production costs and labor were lower in the provinces than in Paris, and several porcelain factories relocated from Paris to the provinces. Royalty, heads of state and grand families chose to have their porcelain engraved with their initials or coat of arms  (this luxury is still available today"


Back to Marie Claude and her lovely house...

...a kind of Maison de Maitre with the most wonderful garden.

A garden - designed and well looked after.... 

with heart and soul.


Let's go inside...


The house has been carefully restored by Marie Claude;
furnished with genuine antiques
it has the real, authentic French feel and atmosphere,
and every room reflects the passion for antique textiles.

Can't wait to see all....

Oh my!
This is heaven!

Bouties (Quilts), all kind of ticking... 
18th and 19th century printed textiles,

antique Pasley shawls, 18th silk....

... and the most stunning collection
of 18th Toile de Jouy in rare-to-find colors:

I'm in Textile-Paradise,
“hopping and dancing” around !


Two antique copper water cans in front of
an early 19th century painted panel 


A few snap shots from the guest bed rooms,
all with antique beds and/or furniture - of course!

Directoire, ca. 1790

with antique textiles...

....with the love for details!


This was my first stip-visit to Marie Claude,
the beginning of a wonderful friendship.



Oh...nearly missed Oskar's French buddies... 

Please visit  Marscha's blog for
all the creation-posts of our Bio-group.

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  1. Ma Chére, it worked! With all the hassle we've had, the "hin und her"....crossing text and photos, the battle with the technic...!
    Merci beaucoup for this guest post and your friendship!
    Bisou - Karin

  2. Wow so beautiful! gorgeous garden and images!


  3. Dear Karin,
    I want Marie Claudes home !!!!!!! It is so beautiful and full of everything I love. Her garden is wonderful too.
    ..... and, what a coincidence that you bought that piece of furniture from her shop all those years ago .... it's so lovely that you have become such good friends.
    I've already commented on your post so, Marie Claude ? ..... I love your home and everything about it !
    As always Karin, you have produced another wonderful post for our BIO subject this month. XXXX

  4. Les jardins nous invitent. O que la France me manque ! Mais les textiles. Quelle merveille -
    Thank you for this exquisite post.

  5. Oh Karen, I am drooling having read this post. The home is spectacular and talk about textile paradise, I can only dream of seeing such beauty.

    Brava, congratulations and thank you for an informative post on beauty and friendship.


  6. It looks as though I am not the only one who wants Marie Claude's home...and textile collection too!! How amazing...and of course it was meant to be for you two to meet and become friends. It is the best of what the internet can offer...