samedi 19 janvier 2013

Réchauffement climatique?

C'était jeudi matin vers 8 h 

 Il neigeait abondamment,le jardin était 


Une lueur blafarde confondait les érables en sapins..

Le magnolia était fantomatique

 La glycine entortillait les paquets neigeux

Un peu plus tard la lumière bleutée faisait place à la grisaille 

Les photos devenaient argentiques

Encore un peu plus tard la neige restait figée sur une statue de pierre...
et le froid perdurait toujours.

2 commentaires:

  1. Your garden looks simply beautiful covered in snow, something magic!
    We were snowed-in here for 2 days, then rain until yesterday and then - this morning I would not believe - covered in snow again!
    Climate change???
    Oh well, I just hope that we don't have another hard winter here, like last year. Lost so many precious shrubs and by now very worry about my little olive trees and oleanders which have just about recovered during last year.....
    Apart from that - our limestone houses are just not build for cold and long-frosty winters :-( it's BRRRH..... freezing!

    But - the countryside looks beautiful and calm, and I really enjoy your wonderful images!

  2. That is such a gorgeous garden and the statues are so lovely covered in snow, they make beautiful photographs!
    Love your blog!
    xo Karolyn- The Relished Roost